Our Toys R Us Goodbye

Recently I took the kids and my dad to Toys R Us one last time so we could use a gift card before it expired. In all honesty thats the only times in the past decade I’ve ever really stopped by TRU (unless I needed a specific exclusive item or for the Star Wars release party nights).

I had not spent more than 5 minutes there when I was reminded why I grew to hate TRU as I got older and how sadly they should be going out of business.

Even with their “massive” 10% off sale (only calendars and posters are 30%) everything there was overpriced way more than any other store or website.

Look, I often try not be negative especially when blogging, but after seeing so much public sadness for TRU’s demise, I have to give my honest opinion. TRU has been a dying brand for years and has not lived up to the once mighty Toys R Us name in years. Its time for Toys R us to go away. Maybe someone else will learn from their mistakes.



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