LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Infinity War DLC is out now!

To celebrate the worldwide release of Avengers Infinity War on Friday (we have our tickets booked for the 7pm preview show tonight!!!!) April 27th, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 has released their Infinity War DLC.

The LEGO Marvel games have always been a blast to play and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is a favorite in our home till this day.

This addition is going to make it the #1 game played by our boys for the foreseeable future. The only rule is we cant try it until we see the movie! NO SPOILERS!


Check out the trailer below!

Our Toys R Us Goodbye

Recently I took the kids and my dad to Toys R Us one last time so we could use a gift card before it expired. In all honesty thats the only times in the past decade I’ve ever really stopped by TRU (unless I needed a specific exclusive item or for the Star Wars release party nights).

I had not spent more than 5 minutes there when I was reminded why I grew to hate TRU as I got older and how sadly they should be going out of business.

Even with their “massive” 10% off sale (only calendars and posters are 30%) everything there was overpriced way more than any other store or website.

Look, I often try not be negative especially when blogging, but after seeing so much public sadness for TRU’s demise, I have to give my honest opinion. TRU has been a dying brand for years and has not lived up to the once mighty Toys R Us name in years. Its time for Toys R us to go away. Maybe someone else will learn from their mistakes.



1 Day Until We See Avengers Infinity War

I don’t know if we could be more excited to see Avengers Infinity War than we currently are right now! After 10 years of building up to this major event the film is finally upon us!!!!!

Rumblings are good so far and while we’ve gone out of our way to avoid spoilers we are still going to bWe hopee super cautious until our 7pm showing tomorrow with the whole family!

We hope all of you get a chance to see it as well and well be back here soon to discuss!