TMNT x WWE Series 2 Preorders Available

This is more of a public service announcement than anything. If you are a fan of the TMNT x WWE series of figures then you know series 2 is about to release and just like the first batch, they will be extremely difficult to get your hands on. I highly recommend preordering the set now before its too late. The figures retail for $20 each and the preorder for the set raises the price of each figure to $25 (which is not bad at all since it will prevent you from having to run around searching for them).

The first series was a huge hit with fans as we saw our favorite turtles cosplay as Undertaker, Sting, Macho Man and John Cena and in series 2 well have the following:

Raphael as The Rock

Michaelangelo as Rowdy Roddy Piper

Donatello as The Ultimate Warrior

Leonardo as Finn Balor

You can find some of the preorder sets available at two different links below


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