LEGO Worlds Has Taken Over Ours

At this year’s Sweet Suite event we saw tons of cool toys and games that we have already raved about but one particular section that caught our eye was the WB Games/LEGO video game booth that had both LEGO Worlds and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 on display.

While we CAN NOT WAIT to try out the new Marvel game, LEGO Worlds had slipped under our radar a little. We were aware and excited for it when it was first releasing back in March but with the end of the school year and a million other things going on, we simply never had a chance to try out the game. Thankfully the awesome team over at WB games sent us a copy to try on the PS4 and wow are we so glad they did!

As I’ve mentioned in the past here and on Social Media plenty, my 4 (soon to be 5) year old son LOVES all things LEGO. There are a few games he really grasps how to play and the LEGO games are some of his favorites. The simple gameplay mixed with fun storylines can keep him busy for hours but I was a little concerned that LEGO Worlds might be a bit too over his head as there is not just linear gameplay but actual world building going on.

I have to say I could not be happier that I was wrong as he has joyfully embraced the game and is fascinated building things all over the LEGO Worlds’ landscape. Moments before writing this I watched him building his own versions of bridges in the sky so he could avoid a volcano and he could not have been prouder with his accomplishment. Much like LEGOs themselves, the amount of imagination he was able to use and explore in this is exactly what I want to see in a game as a parent.

We still have a long way to go in LEGO Worlds but I just wanted to let you all know how perfect of a game it has been for us. with expansions on the way (well talk about that in the next post) I can definitely see LEGO Worlds being a staple in our home for a long time.

The game is currently on sale for $29.99 at most retailers and is available for PS4, XBOX One and PC so there is no better time to pick up a copy!

TMNT x Ghostbusters Figures Out of SDCC

SDCC 2017 is upon us and while I am completely overwhelmed with all of the info coming out of the annual convention, one particular thing has completely wowed me  more than the rest and that is a TMNT x Ghostbusters mashup line of figures.

There have always been wacky TMNT figures that gave them different jobs and even ones that kind of looked like Ghostbusters a few years back but this official collaboration is absolutely amazing to a fan of both franchises like myself.

Living vicariously through my kids is one of my favorite parts of being a dad and when last year gave us the TMNT x WWE collaboration figures I didn’t think they could be topped but wow was I wrong! These new figures look great and find the turtles taking on the monikers of our favorite original ghostbuster team.

We have as follows:

Raphael as Winston Zeddemore

Leonardo as Ray Stantz

Michelangelo as Peter Venkman

Donatello as Egon Spengler.

the figures will retail for $20 each and look to be a Target exclusive so keep your eyes posted for these figures when they release this fall!

Sweet Suite 2017 Swag Unboxing

As we mentioned in our last post, Sweet Suite 2017 was so much fun and one of the best parts of all is that after the fun of the night ends, you receive this MASSIVE box of goodies sent to your home with samples from many of the companies that were on display. As you can imagine our two youngest went absolutely bonkers for everything inside and have picked out a handful of toys they want to “share” (or fight over) with each other while we will be sharing the rest by doing some fun giveaways and sharing with kids in need this holiday season.

You can check out our unboxing video below an let us know what you think the coolest thing we got in the box was!!

Sweet Suite 2017 Was Awesome!!!

Every year for the past several years we have had the privilege of covering the annual Blogger Bash NYC Sweet Suite event. It is an absolutely amazing night put on by the fantastic team over at The Toy Insider and it is the place to be to hear all about the newest toys kids will be going crazy for this holiday season.

My lovely wife @BlogSenorita and I spent the evening at Pier Sixty in NYC checking out all of the goodies and have so much to show you all. While we had a fantastic time as always we did especially love what Jakks Pacific is doing with their Nintendo products (Splatoon Ink shooters are sooooo fun) and how much fun Sonic Mania from Sega and Lego Marvel Heroes 2 from WB games looks.

You can check out all of our pics below and stay tuned for our Sweet Suite Swag Unboxing and reviews!

WWE is having an awesome $10 Shirt Sale Now!

If you’re a fan of the WWE and pro wrestling like we are then you know authentic WWE shirts can usually run $25-$30 online and even more at a live show (where theres often not enough of the right sizes for everyone). When I see an awesome deal, I try to share it with you all and this is definitely one of them and one of the ways I personally keep my t-shirt collection growing. Head over to the WWE Website now ( ) where theres are TONS of awesome shirts as low as $10 for today only!!!!


New Black Panther Images Wow Fans

With 2 days till Disney’s D23 convention and only one week left until San Diego Comic Con releases floods of news upon us all, Entertainment Weekly got a head start on everyone by giving us a more detailed look at one of the most highly anticipated Superhero films of 2017, BLACK PANTHER.

The character was first introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in last year’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR but lifelong fans (myself included) have been waiting for his solo outing to really dive into his history and unique story. As EW’s photos show it does not look like we will be disappointed as BLACK PANTHER looks to be one of the most truly unique Superhero films ever made.

You can check out the photos below and be sure to head over to Entertainment Weekly to see all of their BLACK PANTHER coverage.

John Cena Make A Wish Figure Available For Preorder

In an absolutely awesome way to support a great cause; Make-a-Wish, the WWE and Toys R Us are joining forces to create a limited edition John Cena figure. The special edition figure was designed by a young man named Alex who used his Make a Wish to request this to happen.

If you’re not a fan of the WWE you may not be aware of their involvement with Make-a-Wish over the years but it is huge to say the least and John Cena is by far their biggest supporter. This is the first time they have made a special figure like this and every figure sold will directly provide $1 to the Make-a-Wish organization.

I couldn’t love this story and way to support a charity more and have already preordered two of the figures from the TRU website. You can do the same here for $12.99 each and the figures will ship/release on 8/16.

1 More Day Until Sweet Suite 2017!!

Just a reminder for everyone, We are a little over 24hrs away from one of our favorite events of the year and that of course is Sweet Suite. The yearly Toy and game event is always an amazing time where we get a look at some of the best new toys coming out this year. My lovely wife BlogSenorita and myself will be out and about in NYC bringing you pics and news for all the cool stuff we see so stay tuned and follow us on twitter as we document it all.

While you wait check out some of the fun from last years event!

Jakks Zelda Breath of the Wild Bow and Arrow available now!

Besides being a rabid THE LEGEND OF ZELDA fan myself, my oldest son (almost 5) has become entranced by the newest game in the series, BREATH OF THE WILD. We play the game almost daily together and recently defeated the main boss Ganon in what was one of the most exciting moments of my young sons’s life so far.

He has already asked for a Zelda themed 5th birthday party and has asked to be Link for Halloween this year. I couldn’t be happier as a lifelong fan of the game though finding items based on it are not as easy as some of Nintendo’s other properties (cough cough Mario) so I am always on the lookout for new official merchandise.

To that note, I just came across a brand new item the “World of Nintendo” line by Jakks Pacific has released an it is none other than an official THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD travelers bow and arrow set which if your a fan of the game is completely awesome. I am sure this will sell out fast but you can grab it now (as well as lots of other cool Zelda merchandise) at Toys R Us who are actually having an awesome 20% off sale the entire website right now until 7/12. The bow and arrow set retails for $19.99 and you can grab it for $15.99 with the sale going on. I cant wait to show this to my little guy as we continue to build his Halloween costume one awesome piece at a time.

Marvel Universe Live 2017 is Here!

A few years ago a took my son to Marvel Universe Live, a stadium show that incorporated the Marvel comics universe and although he was a little too young to enjoy it all (he was barely 2), The entire family had a fun time and I always said I hoped shows like this were around when he got a little older. He’s almost 5 now and a complete Marvel junkie and I am so excited to hear that Marvel Universe live is back with a new tour. The show is fairly simple and obviously not the same quality as the films but that doesn’t take away from the fun as families get to experience the fun and wonder of the Marvel Universe live and in person.

This new show looks like its more based on the current film universe as it includes the avengers and Guardians of the galaxy characters and looks to be a great event for fans of the MCU as a whole. You can check out the trailer for the tour below and check your local box office as new tickets are going on sale daily in different areas.