Fun At The NJ Shore

One thing that I absolutely love about living in NJ is the beaches shores and boardwalks that this great state has to offer. My entire life has been filled with memories of rides and games and the amazing food that you can truly only experience at the NJ shore. This weekend the family and I had a nice getaway to Point Pleasant Beach and Jenkinsons Boardwalk. By far it’s our favorite NJ shore destination and I highly recommend it for families with young children. Theres an aquarium, beautiful beaches and restaurants and tons of family friendly games and rides for all ages.


We stayed at a cost friendly room at the Atlantic Inn Suites in Neighboring Wall Township and were about 15 minutes away from the action at all times. Some of the highlights were a delicious meal at Jersey Shore BBQ which honestly had some of the best BBQ in the state and a gorgeous free fireworks show on Friday night at Jenkinsons Boardwalk.

We even go to quench our current Pokemon Go obsession as the little guy and I wandered the beach and boardwalk finding all types of Pokemon including tons of Magikarp and our first Jigglypuff. Little Larry even “caught” a pikachu in real life as many of the Jenkinsons games are stocked with Pokemon goodies to help fuel the current craze the game has spawned.

Just a great time all around and something I wanted to share with you all as a fair priced fun one to spend with your little ones on the NJ shore. Have any other favorite places you think we should visit? Let me know in the comments or reach out on Twitter @DadWorldOrder

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