Checking Out The Newest Lego DC Universe Film

Lego is an absolute must have in our home and for my 3 year old son nothing beats the mixing of superheroes and his favorite building blocks. So when the awesome folks over at WB Home Entertainment invited us to check out the brand new LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Cosmic Clash this morning in NYC, we had no choice but to head over.


My wife and I took both boys (1.5 and 3,who somehow were on their best behavior), and as we entered the Paley Center and were surround by some extremely cool larger than life size standees of the entire Lego Justice League. My 3 yr old son lost his mind taking pictures with them and I had the pleasure of speaking with several members of the voice cast and creative team, including Troy Baker (Batman), Khary Payton (Cyborg), Jim Krieg (Writer) and Brandon Vietti (producer).


One thing I could get from every member of this team was that they absolutely love creating and playing inside of this Lego DC Universe. They all appreciate that for many young kids, this Lego world is often their first interaction with superheroes in general and despite all being capable of working with darker, more thematic comic book material on other projects, the team focuses on the importance these characters and films can have on introducing younger fans to the world of the DCU. Jim Krieg put it best when we were speaking saying “it’s easy as an older fan to look at more childlike versions like the Super Friends that we had in the 70’s and 80’s and say ‘ohh thats stupid’ but really, I wouldn’t know about any of these characters if it wasn’t for those first shows I saw as a kid, so its important to do this and give both adventure and comedy to kids. It pulls them into this world and then they care about Superman, they care about Batman, they care about Supergirl and we need to keep that going so they can grow up caring about these characters too.

The film lived up to it’s predecessors from the Lego DCU movies and told a great story about the Justice League fighting Brainiac as he attempts to catalog and add earth to his collection of planets. Everything about LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Cosmic Clash was funny and kept both parents and kids engaged. From time travel to a perfectly delivered line about what Batman believes in, this new Lego DC adventure is a worthy addition to the growing Lego DC Universe. You can watch the film right now on Digital HD everywhere and pickup the Blu-Ray combo pack (which comes with a free Lego mini figure) this tuesday 3/1 at your local retailer.



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